Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hackers disrupted work of the site Amazon

This site was unavailable for 50 minutes.

January 31 this year, site was unavailable for U.S. users. When you try to visit the site issued a message saying that the service is temporarily unavailable.

Site not working for 50 minutes. And even after the page with some products, as well as Amazon S3 cloud service worked fine, front page of the store network was still not available.

Responsible for breaking Amazon took the hacker group Nazi Gods. The attack scammers have in their account at Twitter.

Now correct site restored. Amazon representatives did not provide any comments on the security incident.

Recall that in November 2012 under the pseudonym Darwinaire hacker stole confidential information to more than 600 customers from Amazon UK. Were freely available user names, registration dates, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, as well as some of the passwords in the clear

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