Tuesday, February 26, 2013

GravityZone innovative solution from Bitdefender

Bitdefender presented a unified protection for all client terminals

Corporate products division Romanian company Bitdefender announced the release of an innovative solution called GravityZone. This product is a centralized security for physical, virtual and mobile terminals. GravityZone system to the private cloud, where all users consume corporate network security services for any kind of your client terminals.

GravityZone cloud system is largely a revolutionary solution, offering security specialists, IT-departments, managers and system integrators centralized security control with high scalability. In addition, the platform GravityZone integrates well with virtualization technologies from VMware, Citrix and Microsoft. Huge savings in time and resources allows the transfer of power to the free activities such as anti-virus scanning and data deduplication. Another important advantage is that a single console for managing both physical and virtual environments.

GravityZone system is built on a known firm architecture Gravity, for example, which was used in the product Cloud Security for Endpoints. Cloudy nature of this technology allows you to protect any number of terminals - from a few dozen to hundreds of thousands. Unlike GravityZone consists in the fact that the system is deployed in a private cloud customer: just import an existing virtual server to run in any popular hypervisor. Integration with directory services Microsoft Active Directory, VMware vCenter management console and Citrix XenServer virtualization environment greatly simplifies the deployment of security for physical and virtual desktops, including mobile client terminals.

At the discretion of the customer in the system GravityZone can start any of the three key security services, or all at once:

1) Service protection of virtualized environments Security for Virtualized Environments;
2) service Security for Endpoints protection of client PCs;
3) as well as service Security for Mobile Devices to protect mobile devices.

After the initial installation of a new service to enable rapid activation is sufficient to perform the necessary component in the console.

Special mention deserves the plug-in is used in GravityZone - it has a traditional search for the signatures of viruses, as well as proprietary technologies heuristic detection B-HAVE, and AVC. Bitdefender technology has consistently produced top in independent comparative tests antivirus. In particular, the B-HAVE technology provides heuristic analysis in a virtual container for detecting viruses that passed through the filter signature. AVC technology helps to detect viruses that use the most modern methods of "getting away from the radar" - this is achieved by analyzing the activity of suspicious processes in real time.

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