Friday, February 8, 2013

Adobe has released an emergency patch for Flash Player

Adobe Systems today released an emergency patch for Flash Player, in which the manufacturer resolves two vulnerabilities that are actively used to install on your computer to malicious software on computers Apple.

While Flash Player is subject only to the vulnerabilities associated with both Windows and Mac, and the company also released patches for Linux-and Android-based versions. In a statement the manufacturer says that the company recommends to install the patch as soon as possible.

Mac users are affected by the vulnerability associated with the Flash Player, working with Safari and Mozilla Firefox. Vulnerability marked as CVE-2013-0634 is aimed at Windows and is a system call Flash exploitation of Microsoft Word. In Adobe said that both vulnerabilities are critical and should be closed as soon as possible.

With the help of experts from Kaspersky Lab, was discovered a bug CVE-2013-0633b also regarding how Flash handles multimedia content.


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