Thursday, February 7, 2013

54% PCs in China are infected with Trojans

Among mobile operating system Android is the most popular among the attackers, despite Google's attempts to somehow improve the security of its platform.

The company Panda Labs has published a report on the number of cyber attacks that users face in 2012. According to the company, one in three PCs worldwide are infected with malware.

Company experts have established that in 2012, 31.98% of users surveyed have been victims of malicious applications. It is worth noting that in 2011, the figure was 38.49%. China has become one of the most infected countries - 54% of infected systems. The second highest number of infections is South Korea, followed by Taiwan, Turkey and Honduras.

Despite the overall decrease in the number of cyber attacks, the researchers found that certain methods of attacks are becoming more popular with cybercriminals. The number recorded in the 2012 attacks using Trojans to 76%, while last year the figure was 66%.

Experts attribute this development as follows: "One of the reasons for the increase (ed. - the use of Trojans) is a popular set of exploits, for example, Black Hole, which uses multiple vulnerabilities to automatically infect computers without the user's knowledge."

In Panda Labs, stated that the mobile OS Android is still the most popular with attackers, despite Google's attempts to somehow improve the security of its platform.

"Currently, Android is more vulnerable than its nearest competitor, iOS, as it gives users the ability to download applications from any source", - the report says Panda Labs. At the same time, even the purchase of applications in the online store Google Play is not a guarantee of security, because attackers often incorporate the Trojans to a legitimate program.

Details of the report can be found here .

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