Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The malware infects BIOS

Unusual malware infects your computer in the European countries, including Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

So far about this mysterious application known very little, but, according to the victims, it is a malicious application directly affects the computer's BIOS.

Employees ThreatTrack Security argue that malware works on the same principle as any ransomware, but it does not require the victim to pay a certain penalty. Instead, when a person downloads the computer, the screen just shows the girl-DJ and the inscription "YOU STEAL MUSIC, I LOCK YOUR PC".

It is not entirely clear how it spreads malicious software. Experts believe that it is simply downloaded from a BitTorrent-sites together with another torrent. Remains a mystery is who is behind the virus. Perhaps to blame offended musician, whose work actively spread through pirate sites.

Link: The website of ThreatTrackSecurity, Inc.

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