Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hackers have stolen $ 11 million from clients Visa

Malefactors managed to compromise systems of one of manufacturers of pre-paid debit cards.

Organized group of cyber criminals stole about $ 11 million in the last days of 2012. It is reported KrebsOnSecurity.

According to sources from financial institutions and law enforcement agencies for the first time hackers have proved to be New Year's Day in 2012. To withdraw money, at least a dozen countries fraudsters used a small amount of updated, prepaid debit cards linked to the accounts, the control of which they have captured.

Note that debit cards are used by scammers bound to a limit, in which the bank's clients can withdraw only a certain amount of money within 24 hours. However, according to informed sources, the attackers, somehow, managed to raise the limit on the accounts that they controlled.

Immediately after the attack was detected, representatives of Visa notified all manufacturers of bank cards of the danger: "Under attack hackers gain access to the authentication system manufacturers bank cards and parameters of the cards. Next fraudsters can manipulate the balance map withdrawal limit, which is set for each day, as well as other parameters that will lead to theft. In some cases, hackers managed to withdraw more than $ 500 on one card in less than 24 hours. "

At present it is not known which of the manufacturer of cards were attack by hackers.

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