Friday, February 8, 2013

Wave of attacks against users of Google Chrome

Attackers from Turkey to send Facebook links to malicious browser extensions.

According to Kaspersky Lab Fabio Assolini, users of Google Chrome came under a wave of attacks associated with the spread of malicious extensions. Plugins placed in the official store Chrome Web Store. According to the researcher's main source of malicious attacks are from Turkey, who use social network Facebook to spread malicious links.

Note that over the past year Google has not changed once the order placement and extension updates to the browser, and recently completely blocked the possibility of installing an automatic stop and not from the official store. Thus, the criminals are to be placed exactly on Plugins Chrome Web Store.

Assolini lists the accounts in Facebook, which are sent to the spam messages offering victims to install malicious application:

Researchers warn that users of other browsers, including Firefox, regularly come under threat attacks.

According to research firm StatCounter, Google Chrome for January 2013 to retain its leading position in the global browser market, treating about 36% web-requests.

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