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GFI MailSecurity multifunctional email Firewall

GFI MailSecurity Software is a postal firewall provides protection against email viruses, exploits and threats, as well as attacks by using e-mail. 

GFI MailSecurity from GFI Software Ltd. can act as a mail gateway repeater on the perimeter of the corporate network, it can scan incoming and outgoing mail, or mounted directly to the Exchange 2000/2003. GFI Mailsetsurity is available as a separate product or as part of GFI EmailProtection Suite.

The simultaneous use of multiple antivirus

GFI MailSecurity scans incoming mail using multiple antivirus modules from different vendors, which significantly reduces the average interval between the outbreak of a new virus outbreak and a vaccine to combat it. When a new threat to one of the antivirus vendors will always create their vaccine before others, today one, tomorrow another. But if you are using multiple solutions simultaneously, the chances that at least one of them will be ready to counter the new threat, when the ripple ripple to you increases.

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Established antivirus modules from NORMAN and BITDEFENDER

GFI MailSecurity comes with two anti-virus module development companies Norman and BitDefender. Norman antivirus solutions are considered to be among the most reliable in its class, as evidenced by 32 award-winning 100% Virus Bulletin and ICSA certified, and Checkmark. The distinctive features of BitDefender Antivirus is a high performance, flexible configuration and a record number of supported file formats. BitDefender successfully certified by ICSA and the award-winning 100% Virus Bulletin and the European IT Prize 2002. GFI MailSecurity system provides automatic virus signature update Norman and BitDefender (the bundle includes a free one-year subscription).

The optional anti-virus Kaspersky and McAfee

GFI MailSecurity supports connection modules of Kaspersky anti-virus and / or McAfee, which can be used with regular antivirus NORMAN and BITDEFENDER or instead. Kaspersky Anti-Virus has ICSA certified and has received broad industry recognition for unrivaled facilities inspection mechanisms, record high production updates and unique heuristic technology that provides effective protection against unknown viruses. One of the main distinguishing features of McAfee anti-virus is the ability to effectively detect non-viral threats such as malware Controls ActiveX.

Identification of spyware

The composition of GFI MailSecurity includes a special module detect malware Trojan & Executable Scanner, among other things provides detection of spyware and adware. In addition, GFI MailSecurity can identify in email spyware tools optional Kaspersky antivirus, whose database contains a huge set of signatures of spyware applications, programs, Trojans and adware.

Identification of Trojans

Is part of the GFI MailSecurity module Trojan & Executable Scanner identifies programs Trojans and other malicious applications by analyzing the characteristics of the executable files. Trojans secretly introduced to the victim and provide an attacker unrestricted access to the data stored on it. Signature-based detection methods used in antivirus solutions can not detect unknown programs Trojans.

Detailed description of blocked threats

Placing the message into an insulator, GFI MailSecurity is accompanied by his detailed description of detected threats.

Insulator posts with Search

GFI MailSecurity includes flexible search messages in an insulator, greatly facilitate the work of the administrator and allows, for example, to find all incoming or outgoing messages selected user. Or search by criteria such as sender or recipient of the message, or cause isolation message.

Scanning attachments

GFI MailSecurity provides a flexible toolkit check email attachments based on the rules that apply to specific types of files or selected users. For example, you can set the system to isolate all messages containing executable files for further study by the administrator. Or, to prevent information leakage by preventing users from sending e-mail database files. Furthermore, the rules allow you to remove media enclosures like MP3 or MPG.

Protection against attacks based on vulnerabilities

The composition of GFI MailSecurity includes a special module Email Exploit Engine, providing protection against attacks based on known vulnerabilities in operating systems and applications. This module is a powerful and effective weapon in the fight against cyber threats, and at the time of protection against email viruses Nimda and Klez even those users GFI MailSecurity, which have not installed the security update Microsoft. Specialists research center GFI SecurityLabs are continuous monitoring of new threats and regularly release updates to GFI MailSecurity, the only email security with the detection and neutralization of email attacks based on vulnerabilities.

Checking the contents of e-mails

Powerful tools for checking the contents of e-mails based on the rules allow the administrator GFI MailSecurity to block potentially harmful messages (for example, letters insulting) to obtain a permit for their further sends or receives. Rules are built using a list of keywords and apply to the specified users.

Classification of isolated posts

GFI MailSecurity to automatically sort messages and blocked, for example, a letter by the virus in the same folder insulator, and messages with suspicious attachments - in another. This make the administrator's work more efficient and to set priorities: first, to check emails with attachments and send users to those that do not contain the real threats, and only then have messages that were detected viruses.

Web-based management console

Web console GFI MailSecurity allows you to configure and monitor the system, and manage insulator emails remotely. Work with the console quite a standard web browser.

Three tools for moderation email

GFI MailSecurity offers three tools for moderation (a disposition) blocked emails: Windows-specific desktop applications, web-based and, in the alternative, to redirect to the specified address for further processing by the mail client. Set it to forward to a public folder, you can organize by moderating several administrators.

Certification Checkmark and ICSA

GFI MailSecurity is certified by Checkmark and ICSA, issued by the branch center for Security and West Coast Labs TrueSecure, respectively.

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