Friday, October 19, 2012

Updated Zoner AntiVirus Free Tablet for Android

Updated Zoner AntiVirus for Tablet - a powerful anti-virus for Android-compatible tablet c remote management, call filtering, message encryption.

Developers from ZONER released an updated version of the product Zoner AntiVirus for Tablet - a powerful anti-virus application for Android. The proposed product provides reliable protection for tablet computers from automatic dialers, "Trojans", worms, spyware applications, and other varieties of malware.

Recall that the proposed product to minimize the probability of launching hazardous applications that can compromise the device. Including Zoner AntiVirus provides a thorough review of all downloadable from the network of programs and files, and then scan the contents of the memory card on demand.

The product includes a simple and functional "anti" mechanisms. In case of loss or theft of portable devices, the user can easily install the current location. It's enough to send a short text message from any mobile phone available. With SMS-commands to remotely block access to or activate the alarm. Finally, thanks to Zoner AntiVirus lost smartphone will promptly notify the legitimate owner of the attempt to replace the SIM card.

As a useful "bonus", users are built-in protection from SMS and MMS-spam. Zoner AntiVirus protects against costly calls to premium numbers, and parents will be able to establish comprehensive control of outgoing calls.

One of the major improvements introduced in version Zoner AntiVirus 1.1.0 for Tablet, is a proper display notifications and remove them from the screen. The application boasts more efficient spyware detection, which, moreover, are now allocated a different color from the list of detected threats. Finally, the developers of the proposed correction mechanism are notified about the current state of the device.

Latest version of Zoner AntiVirus for Tablet 1.1.0 now available for download from Google Play Store and can be run on any tablets with Android 3.0 OS installed and later. ZONER company also produces a separate version of mobile antivirus for smartphones.

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