Wednesday, October 17, 2012

McAfee offers security updates for the data center

McAfee has announced a new line of products Data Center Security Suite

 Attention to the client, the company offers high-quality solutions built on the most advanced and cutting-edge technological developments and allow secure servers and databases in corporate data centers.

According to the developer, the proposed products can be used to effectively protect enterprise servers and databases that are deployed in physical, virtualized and cloud environments. Key features of the solutions Data Center Security is exceptional reliability, high performance and low power consumption of server resources. Thus, these products are in full compliance with the essential requirements of client organizations to protection data center.

Product McAfee Data Center Security Suite for Server, intended to organize their basic protection of all types of servers, offers a complete set of tools for doing "black" and "white" lists, and boasts enhanced support for advanced virtualization technologies. The proposed solution is also available in the version Hypervisor Edition, which guarantees the security of virtual servers, and is licensed by the number of used hypervisors.

With the new tools McAfee Data Center Security Suite for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure IT-staff client organizations can organize safe operation of virtual desktop, without sacrificing work productivity of end users. Finally, the package McAfee Database Server Protection includes powerful tools to monitor database activity and to assess their vulnerability. The product can be used with any database servers in the corporate data center.

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