Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fake antivirus for Windows 8

McAfee: In the Internet there was a false antivirus for Windows 8

Antivirus contains rootkit component that creates multiple backup entries in the registry and the system directory Windows.

Despite the fact that before the release of Windows 8 still had to wait more than two months, cyberhawks already begun using the brand. Thus, the anti-virus company McAfee researchers discovered malware authors is positioning its product as antivirus "Windows 8 Security System". The user interface looks like a normal antivirus.

"Win 8 Security System displays a lot of false alarms and messages, as well as opens the scan on every boot. The program displays a lot of sightings that are obvious fraud, "- said in a notification antivirus experts. Malware solution works on a standard scheme of threats such ScareWare - requires the user to pay for the full version of the program to remove supposedly detected viruses.

For all their real futility on victim's system, the user is not very easy to remove the program. Windows 8 Security System includes a rootkit component that creates backup records in the elements and values ​​of the registry, as well as a number of files in system directories that the manual removal, can damage the system.

Editorial Securitylab.ru ask readers to use only legitimate and well-known anti-virus solutions, as well as download them from the official websites of developers.

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