Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dr.Web virus database

The advantages of Dr.Web virus database

Dr.Web anti-virus started to be developed in the early nineties of the twentieth century, when the Internet was just developing and was not a "global network", when only few companies could afford access to the global network. In conditions where the traffic had to cost a lot and updated as often as possible, virus database, and thus while it downloads from the Internet, should be minimal. Such was the task for the developer and it was done - until now, the Dr.Web virus database is the smallest of all the anti-virus programs. This is achieved through the development of its own technology to create virus database on the basis of a very flexible language, which was designed to describe the bases. Small virus database saves traffic, the less space on disk after installation and RAM than other database vendors. The small size allows the virus database Dr.Web software components to interact in high speed without causing excessive load on the processor.

What is the most important thing in anti-virus? Protect against viruses. Protects, among other things, the introduction of the virus entries (signatures) allowing to detect viruses. But the number of records included in the base says absolutely nothing about how to detect viruses or any other anti-virus software. The most objective way to check the quality of protection is the comparative held on the collections of viruses from "Wild" (InTheWild list) - that is, viruses really exist on the user's computer, and not only in the virus laboratories and collectors.

It is also understood that the virus database every antivirus program is structured. To explain why the number of entries in the Dr.Web virus database is less than the number of entries in the virus database of some, be aware that not all viruses are unique. There are family related (similar) viruses, there are viruses designed virus constructors - a special program to create a virus. They are all very similar to each other, very often - as two drops of water. Some developers of antivirus each such virus with separate entry in the virus database, which increases the size.

Another principle is applied to the anti-virus database Dr.Web, where only one viral entry allows to detect tens or hundreds, sometimes even thousands of similar viruses! Even smaller, compared with some other programs the number of virus entries in the database allows a high probability of detection is not yet known (not listed in the database) are viruses that are created on the basis of existing viruses.

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