Saturday, September 1, 2012

Computers Missile Defense Agency turned into a warehouse pornography

 In the media leaked information that the Pentagon issued a secret order prohibiting employees U.S. Missile Defense Agency to view pornographic material on company computers. In respect of employees who violated the order will apply disciplinary measures.

It should be noted that according to the information previously published The Washington Times, the problem is in the U.S. Government has been around for years. As an example, the publication cites the case when, in 2006, he was arrested by Deputy Press Secretary at the Ministry of State Security USA. He was accused of trying to abuse underage girls on the Internet.

The publication reminds that in 2010, the Securities and Exchange Commission stated that 17 of the 31 employees of various government agencies and companies in the U.S. caught watching pornographic materials, were members of the senior management staff. In addition, the results of an internal investigation revealed that many employees Pentagon review materials containing child pornography.

According to employees of agencies who wished to remain anonymous, secret order was issued after the suspect that information systems are infected with the Missile Defense Agency, the virus in pornographic materials that Agency staff downloaded from the Internet and distributed on the internal network.

The Pentagon claims that hackers operating under the auspices of a number of foreign intelligence services, particularly Russia and China, specifically infect these sites with malware. These programs are extremely difficult to detect by standard means, as they are often embedded in photos and videos format HD, containing highly complex computer code. Getting into the information system, the malware opens attackers to access sensitive data.

According to media reports, the Missile Defense Agency employees who violate the above secret order to the Pentagon, could lose access to classified material, suspended from work and even fired.

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