Friday, August 24, 2012

Google Red Team - Rapid Response Team

Google creates the structure of the Audit department of food safety

Recently, Google increasingly comes under fire for its methods of work with personal data, as well as the controversial company policy to collect information. Just recently, the Internet giant resolved claims by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, having paid for the unauthorized collection of A 22.5 million.

On the trail of these events, the company today announced the creation of the so-called rapid response team Google Red Team, which will be in real-time to deal with the privacy of data and prayvisi-risk for corporate and private users working with the products of the company.

Independent experts on information security say that the concept of a rapid response critical of engineering and other solutions Google, for today's market is unique. For Google, the decision to establish Red Team - a necessary measure, as the company is all too often a target for criticism from privacy advocates and privacy practices.

Also in the introduction of Google told the staff that the unit is Data Privacy Engineer, whose task is to ensure compliance of products online companies with the highest standards in the protection of user information. Organizationally, as a new division, and engineers on data security will be equal regardless of all the company's products and will not be included in any product lines. The demand for candidates for the post of Data Privacy Engineer said that they must have a broad knowledge in the operation of modern browsers have experience with enterprise business processes in the field of information security and have a number of other skills.

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