Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fake Flash Player for Android-devices

GFI Labs found the fake Flash Player for Android-devices

Attackers offer SMS-Trojans and adware programs under the guise of Flash Player.

Employees GFI Labs found fake Flash Player software for mobile devices based on Android, which are actually SMS-trojans and adware. Note that Adobe has discontinued development of Flash Player for mobile devices 15 August.

Most experts recorded malware targeted at Russian users and distributed as files with the extension. APK. One infection was found on the English site and an advertising software from companies Airpush.

Once installed on a device, the malware creates shortcuts advertising files, remove the user can not. In addition, adware changes the user's browser home page. Every 15 minutes in front of a victim of malware pop-up ads. The virus gains access to the user's contact list and sends it to advertisers.

Details of the report, GFI Labs can be found here

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