Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Over the past three months were reported 200,000 infections banking Trojans

The malware aimed at stealing banking data , are extremely popular with online fraudsters. In a new report issued by Trend Micro, states that from July to September 2013 there were 200,000 cases of systems of financial institutions - so large spread of banking Trojans have not seen since 2002.

The attacks are not focused on specific sectors, and evenly distributed around the world. This indicates that cyber criminals have diversified their victims.

Hardest-hit were the United States of America - 23 % of all attacks were recorded there. In second place Brazil with 16% of attacks, and closes the top three leaders of Japan, with 12% of security incidents.

Among the other most affected countries - India, Australia, France, Germany, Vietnam, Taiwan and Mexico.

Most often on infected computers was a Trojan ZeuS ( aka Zbot ), created in 2006 . Malware spreads via infected web- sites. Once on the user's computer, the Trojan uses a security vulnerability PC and steals banking data of the victim, and then sends them to a remote server.

The full report Trend Micro can be found here .

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