Tuesday, November 12, 2013

In the third quarter increased the number of threats to mobile platforms

252 out of 259 new families of malicious software created for the platform Android, and only 7 - for Symbian.

The company F-Secure Labs, dedicated to security issues , published a report for the third quarter of 2013 on threats to mobile platforms. According to a document from July to September, it was discovered 259 new families of malicious software and versions of existing viruses. 252 of them are created for the Android platform, and only 7 - for Symbian. Note that in the second quarter, the number of new families of malware has reached 205.

Most of the detected threats ( 88%) - Trojan Horses, 2.7% - Trojans, spyware, trojans 1.6% of downloaders. 2.3 % was contributed by malicious applications, 1.9 % - the share of instruments to monitor, at 0.4 % - on the exploits, tools for hacking, trojan droppers and spyware.

In addition, in July of this year, he discovered a new set of tools Androrat APK, simplifying the process of introducing malicious code into legitimate Android - application. According to the report , increasing not only the number of malware for mobile platforms - malware is constantly being improved and become more complicated. For example, every fifth threat - it's a bot.

Due to security measures the least amount of harmful applications appears in the online- store Google Play. However, a particular concern for people are not caused by questionable applications, and the fact that Google collects their data .

"People understand that giving their personal information technology giants - the question doubtful, however, they daily provide all the same data as questionable applications ", - said security consultant company F-Secure Labs Sean Sullivan.

More information about the report you can be found here .

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