Thursday, September 12, 2013

NSA is Working to Undermine Encrypted Communications in the Internet

Disclosed NSA (National Security Agency) activities to introduce backdoors to decrypt the encrypted traffic in the Internet

Another portion of classified U.S. intelligence reports disclosed by Edward Snowden, shows that U.S. National Security Agency developed a project to provide transcripts of almost all HTTPS and VPN communications.

To implement this feature was used not only practice request access to the private key encryption from vendors and identify vulnerabilities, but also attempts to implement backdoors in the implementation of encryption technologies and directly into the encryption standards.

No facts and evidence of the presence of bookmarks in RC4 and other technologies are not yet available , information is still limited to a common reference potential for exploitation of the methods used for communication via HTTPS and VPN, and the presence of an unnamed bookmarks in commercial products. Also not published a list of Internet companies and software vendors, collaborating with the NSA in terms of making the hidden vulnerabilities.

Bruce Schneier, a renowned expert in the field of computer security, said questionable information on existing technology breaking RC4, but allows the inclusion of bookmarks in specific implementations of encryption algorithms. Schneier also do not recommend the use of encryption standards on elliptic curves , because the NSA is actively involved in their development. Just remember the story of the allegations of attempts to implement a backdoor in IPSEC- stack of OpenBSD.

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