Friday, September 13, 2013

Experts have discovered a new technology attacking users of online banking

Experts German antivirus software company G Data revealed a new technology cyber attack on customer payment systems on the Internet. It is based on the use of cloud technologies that allow attackers to effectively conceal their actions. With malware, virus writers can capture data on the payment transactions of the users. At the same time, the deployment of elements of malicious code into the "cloud " greatly complicates the analysis of attacks and the creation of effective tools to fight this new kind of threat .

Usually, banking Trojans used stored on the target machine configuration files. These files contain the addresses of sites that cyber criminals are planning to attack, and malicious code being introduced to these resources through banking Trojans. In the future, it is with this code, hackers can steal access data and personal information from users.

A few days ago, experts found the G Data particular configuration known banking Trojan ZeuS. Its principle of operation is different in that instead of implementing fully all malicious code to the target site, is only a small part of the malware in the form of Javascript, which then loads from the "cloud " the other components of malicious code. In the future, depending on the attacked site Trojan may ask, for example, to re-enter your credit card ostensibly for security purposes.

A similar mechanism of attack uses, and other Trojan Ciavax, the activity of which was seen in August of this year. In this case, even a list of sites on which you plan to organize the attack, kept a secret.

"New technology is making attacks on online banking customers takes advantage of the infamous Trojan ZeuS, but this time the virus writers have managed to advance even further. Now it is impossible to determine which sites, cybercriminals are going to attack. At the same time, verification sampling of Internet addresses manually on the basis of their subject matter, too can be an effective solution, as a large number of requests can attract the attention of intruders, - says Thomas Siebert, an expert antivirus G Data. - The use of new mechanisms for the maintenance of attacks not only complicates the fight against virus writers, but also a sign of the increased professionalism."

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