Monday, April 1, 2013

Serious vulnerability in Apple iMessage

A number of users messaging Apple iMessage victims previously unknown hacker attacks, when their systems iMessage were filled with hundreds of random messages from unknown senders. Attack runs on Mac OS X and iOS. Security experts say Flooding works as long as the program is simply not "fall" in the system.

According to the website The Next Web, the attack is not widespread and has affected a relatively small group of developers of Apple, which reported that they had received thousands of junk messages. According to unconfirmed reports, the problem lies with the Flooding of a hacked version of Jailbreak iOS, which offer a number of data needed to send messages to other users through the service transfer Apple. Get open access to the system, a malicious user can spoof the sender's email address to make it impossible to establish the sender and block it in the future.

In most Apple confirmed that they are aware of the situation and will soon provide more technical details about the problem.

Recall that, technically, iMessage is Apple proprietary system to exchange messages between users of Mac and iOS. Apple iMessage positioned as a replacement for SMS-service. IMessage first appeared in iOS 5.0 and Mac OS X from version 10.8 Mountain Lion. Now users are daily about 2 billion messages iMessage.

According to The Next Web, there is an exploit in the network, which can be used via AppleScript to work with iMessage.

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