Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Market of the protection from DDoS-attacks will grow to $ 870 million

While DDoS-attacks themselves available for ridiculous money, protection costs a hundred times more expensive.

Analyst firm IDC released a study of Worldwide DDoS Prevention Products and Services 2013-2017 Forecast to the assessment of this market segment in 2011-2012 and forecast for 2013-2017 years. Highly relevant research in light of the recent record-DDoS-attacks on Spamhaus, which shook the entire Internet, and even initiated an investigation by the FBI.

According to the IDC, protection from DDoS-attacks - a very promising business, which in the next five years will grow by an average of 18.2% per year, and by 2017 the volume reached 870 million U.S. dollars. This figure includes commercial orders to all companies in the world that will provide services for protection from DDoS-attacks.

IDC analysts forecast even reported by type of DDoS-attacks, which will be popular in the coming years. They believe that this will not happen any significant changes, and the most popular will "bulk" attacks aimed at filling the channels. These attacks were the most common in the last ten years, and the attack on Spamhaus refers to the same type.

Besides the "bulk", experts predict DDoS-attacks at the application level, which are accompanied by lower traffic and attacks using cryptographic techniques.


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