Monday, April 22, 2013

Bypassing passwords in MS Office documents

Found a way to bypass passwords in MS Office documents 2007/2010

A special program allows you to open any password-protected document.

After the cloud service "Password-Find" was able to bypass the password Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Microsoft Office 97-2003, Microsoft tried to eliminate vulnerabilities in the next version of the product 2007/2010, but the creators of "Password-Find" introduced a new mechanism for bypassing the password. The new algorithm allows documents to compromise even with a new level of protection.

According to the developers of the method works with more than half of password-protected MS Office 2007/2010 documents.

In order to unlock the document, the user only has to visit the resource of the project - - and, use a simple interface to load the document on the website.

The service operates on the principle of "pay for results", so you can first check the result, and then pay for the service.

If the unlock is successful, the system shows the beginning of the document. To download the entire document the customer receives after paying for services in the amount of $ 19.95.

If the system can not open a locked document, the data center offers an alternative approach to unlock the file. In addition, you can purchase a license to search for a password, which is used by the center not only to unlock the document, but also to restore the original password that was protected document. This license costs $ 39.95 per document.


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