Thursday, March 28, 2013

What is VPN and why we need it

In this article, we will learn what is a VPN and why it is needed.

Three letters deciphered as VPN Virtual Private Network. The essence of this technology is that you connect to the VPN server over a public network is a connected organized an encrypted channel, which provides high protection of transmitted over this channel of information from special algorithms.

In other words VPN - is the combined local networks or individual machines that are connected to a public network in a single virtual (overlay) network to ensure the privacy and integrity of information on it.

VPN technology is often used not only to create a private network, but many providers to provide access to the Internet. With proper implementation and use of special software VPN network can provide a high level of encryption of the information. With all the technology is well tuned, VPN provides anonymity on the web.

VPN consists of two parts: the "internal" (controlled) network, which may be several, and the "external" network, which forms the encrypted connection (usually the Internet).

Advantages of the VPN, which allows to combine geographically disparate units into a single coherent system, are obvious. However, the question arises whether such a union. Typically, remote employees use e-mail encryption technology before its transmission over the network. However, if your work requires access to the central database of a number of representatives who have to work on social networks, then there should be no doubt - VPN allows simple, reliable and safe to carry out such an association.

But the popularity of VPN-networks is defined not only provides them enhanced connection. Much of it is due to the presence of the built-in support for popular operating systems such as MS Windows and Linux.

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