Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Trend Micro Enterprise Security and Data Protection

Trend Micro has introduced a new product Enterprise Security and Data Protection

The company Trend Micro Incorporated, a leading manufacturer of "cloud" protection announced a new enterprise product called Trend Micro Enterprise Security and Data Protection. The proposed solution, according to developers, will help to reduce the risks, including reduce the likelihood of successful attacks on the IT infrastructure of the organization and minimizes the risk of leakage of sensitive information.

Benefits of the proposed solutions will be able to fully appreciate the organization whose employees actively use brought from home mobile devices to access corporate systems and data. According to Forrester Research "in most organizations, there are specific policies regarding the use of smartphones, tablets and other consumer electronic devices in the workplace. However, more than half of the companies, by their own admission, did not have a reliable tool for the effective implementation of these policies and monitor their compliance." Platform Trend Micro Enterprise Security and Data Protection will provide the opportunity. List of key features of the product include support for a wide range of platforms and devices (including tablets, smartphones, laptops, and removable disks), and centralized management of the proposed defense mechanisms.

Full-service solution will prevent leakage of important data outside the organization, will provide IT professionals with comprehensive control of network-attached USB-equipment and mobile devices, as well as provide the ability to quickly and accurately encryption of e-mail and data network end points. The developers emphasize that the new product with the most of the advantages of cloud service Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, designed for rapid collection and dissemination of information on new varieties of threats.

Interested corporate clients can look at the possibilities of a new product later this spring.

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