Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kerio Control 8 and Kerio Operator 2.1 - update with a focus on mobile devices

The company Kerio Technologies has released new versions of its two important products: Kerio Control 8 and Kerio Operator 2.1.

UTM-system (Unified Threat Management) Kerio Control 8.0 for unified threat management, implemented as a dedicated security server now offers support for virtual private networks VPN standard IPsec. Telephone exchange software for IP-telephony Kerio Operator 2.1 offers customers a branded softphone for smartphones. With this client utility smartphone users in your organization can easily connect to your phone line at the station Kerio Operator. Both of these upgraded products offer greater flexibility to use for IT managers and employees who are using at work popular devices running iOS and Android.

Implementation support VPN-based network protocol IPsec was the main innovation of Kerio Control 8 in comparison to previous versions. IPSec - it is an open standard protocol that allows a wide variety of client devices to connect to the corporate network through a VPN-gateway connections securely. Implementing IPSec VPN package Kerio Control 8 supports transparent access relevant client devices based on iOS and Android. It also supports multi-node VPN-standard configuration "server to server", which can be turned on UTM-solutions from many reputable manufacturers. More importantly, all the Kerio Control configuration policies to control traffic, protocol analysis, virus scanning, and quality of service can now be applied to the tunnels and IPSec VPN.

Client module Kerio Operator Softphone, available for devices iPhone and Android-based devices, a voice SIP-client that connects to the IP PBX (private branch exchange virtual digital) channels through Wi-Fi or the cellular network. With an intuitive interface, Kerio Operator Softphone easily make phone calls - it contains all the standard business phone features, including built-in phone book, information about the current call, call history, voice mail and the ability to call on several lines. Multitasking allows you to switch utility Kerio Operator Softphone in the background, to work with other applications while you talk.

Package price software version of Kerio Control is from 265 dollars for a license for five users. Adding new users will cost $ 26 each. Hardware performance Kerio Control Box 1110 cost from 985 dollars (five-user license, and Sophos anti-virus gateway filter Kerio Control Web Filter). Kerio Operator package sells for $ 30 for a single subscriber. For hardware implementation Kerio Operator Box 1210 the price is $ 900 for eight products Kerio Control and Kerio Operator 2.1 is available free 30-day copy without functional limitations - they can be found on the manufacturer's website at .

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