Monday, March 25, 2013

South Korean experts: North Korea prepares a cyber army

This is the conclusion reached by researchers conducting the analysis of attacks on computer systems in South Korea.

According to the newspaper Associated Press, South Korean experts in information security have accused North Korea in preparation cyber army. During the investigation, a number of attacks on computer systems of the country, the researchers came to the conclusion that the failure of 32 thousand computers and servers of the three major telecommunications networks and the three largest banks in South Korea, was established by a special unit that intends to transfer the national opposition in cyberspace .

It should be noted that South Korean experts conducting the analysis of attacks, can not yet up to prove the involvement of the North Korean hackers to attack. In addition, the study found that some of the attacks were carried out with the United States and several European countries, and some viruses were launched from computers in Seoul.

However, the main enemy in cyberspace experts believe North Korea, and preparing for a new wave of cyber attacks. In addition, experts from a special government unit in computer security say that the consequences of attacks of last week, will have to fix for weeks, or even months.

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