Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Oracle re-releases emergency patch for Java

Already managed to download the latest Java 6 and 7 on their PCs and laptops c java.com? Well, you can come back to this site and download the new version again Java. Today, Oracle has released, is the fourth in the last four weeks update for Java. This time, the company claims that the new version has been fixed the vulnerability, which used to infest the Trojan McRat, by which malicious users already have access to user data

According to the Oracle Technology Network, in newer versions of Java 6 Update 41 and Java 7 Update 17 Repair holes used by the Trojan. In Oracle encourages users to upgrade to the new version of Java "as soon as possible." According to the company FireEye, vulnerability occurs when a user visits a malicious website, which trigger the Java Plugin, and the user's computer is loaded with malicious code.

Daniel Kindlund, a specialist company FireEye, said that their company has several large customers have reported incidents of Java-vulnerability.

Recall that in the last month in Java have repeatedly found critical vulnerabilities that have caused large-scale hacking attacks against companies Twitter, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft. All of them reported that the attackers managed to enter the corporate computers.

In FireEye say that detect the presence of the latest malicious code associated with Java, quite easily, as the victim in the system he is trying to rewrite a rather large chunk of memory. In addition, we know that the exploit does not work on the version of Java 7 below Update 10.

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