Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hackers broke into a server at cPanel.net

cPanel dispatches to the clients of the notice of breaking of one of the servers used by service of technical support to the company.

As follows from the text of the message, at the time of mailing the company had no information about which of its customers affected by the hackers. Therefore recommended that all customers to change passwords, especially in the case of a non-privileged account with «sudo» and «su». Even if you use ssh-keys, cPanel users, it is advisable to regularly change keys.

According to available information, the circumstances of the incident are being investigated. According to specialists Sucuri, it is possible that during the attack hackers used an exploit a vulnerability in servers running RedHat / CentOS. Experts advise people to take this warning seriously.

Hosting companies using cPanel, it is recommended that you immediately change all your account information. The scale of the incident have not been able to find out. The very same incident, based on some of the signs, there was most likely in the last 6 months.

cPanel Security: http://forums.cpanel.net/f185/cpanel-security-325062.html

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