Friday, March 22, 2013

Monitoring the using of the Internet

It is difficult to call a little large organization, whose office isn't connected to the Internet. Even a small company involved in the production of stools or to hang on (away from the high-tech, it would seem), now in its activities using the Internet.

About the companies involved in the collection of information or, worse, software development, and say nothing - a wide channel on the Internet has become a thing, the most for granted.

However, the presence of the channel connected to the world, in addition to pros and cons is in the form of misuse of staff time. Previously, employees were chatting on business phones are now using Office Internet for text messaging, postcards and visit various social networks. According to studies, over 40% of the activity of users on the Internet is not even remotely related to work process.

Of course, in order to guide an organization to ensure the greatest possible productivity of employees and the best possible value from the tools made available by (in this case it is connected to the Internet).

A method of monitoring and restricting internet users developed a long time ago - is a filtering server. Dedicated computer with special software is installed between the Internet channel and local network organization and monitors the activity of users.

The software market is large enough such - are presented as freeware solutions with open source and proprietary software systems of varying degrees of complexity and clever. Technically, their work is based on logging of visits - is written, who, when and to what address to "go." Logging - the problem is simple, it can realize any more or less savvy programmer. Basic goodies (poorly implemented in the free, and many paid products) - the analysis of these logs and displays them in a digestible form. Desirable, of course, the type of "passing glance and understood" - and that means the table, complete with graphics. Not prevent extradition, sorted by a particular site, a user, sorted by the amount of traffic and time spent on viewing specific pages.

One version of the software, which combines good functionality and low cost - GFI WebMonitor .

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