Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kerio Technologies has updated its products

Today, Kerio Technologies has announced a major upgrade of two of its products for small networks. In the unified security management system (UTM) Kerio Control 8 adds support for IPSec VPN.

IP PBX phone system Kerio Operator 2.1 now includes the company's application, which allows users to connect to your office line from your device. These new features are designed to provide greater flexibility for IT-managers and workers using popular smartphones on iOS and Android.

"The principle of BYOD (employees use their own devices) have changed the way of our work, so the corporate IT-network must also change," - said James were buzzing, Director of Business Development of Kerio Technologies. "With the addition of support for open standard IPSec, devices running iOS and Android, including the iPad, can connect securely to the corporate network. Our new application for phones Kerio Operator will turn your iPhone or Android-phone device for IP-telephony, allowing you to call and receive calls from your office number, from anywhere. "

IPSec is an industry standard protocol for the VPN, ensuring interaction between the different external devices and network gateway. In Kerio Control 8 includes IPsec VPN with support for existing mobile clients for iOS and Android. It also supports configuration option VPN "net-net" for the organization due to various decisions of the leading suppliers of UTM. And the most important thing is that such functions Kerio Control, a traffic policy, inspection protocols, virus scans and QoS settings can be applied to tunnels IPsec VPN.

Kerio Operator Softphone, available for platforms iOS and Android, is an application for a phone based on SIP, using Wi-Fi or cellular network to connect to the server IP PBX. It simplifies making calls, and has an intuitive interface with all the standard functions of the phone - the phone book, call display, call log, voice mail, and support for multiple calls. Multitasking allows Kerio Operator Softphone in the background - you can work with other applications on the phone.

"Looking around, I see everywhere iPhone. Its tight integration of the office network is a difficult task," - said Sam Wilson, president of SWC GROUP, LLC, Kerio Certified Partner in Chicago. "It starts with a secure connection to the corporate network, and extends further to the relationship, so the new version of Kerio Control Operator and perfectly fit to iPhone."

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