Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bitdefender Sphere 2013 optimal protection for your PC, Mac, and Android

 For customers in search of optimal protection for your PC, Mac, or other Android devices, one of the many products you can purchase is Bitdefender Sphere 2013.

 There are many features customers will love, and the level of protection that the product offers, is much greater in comparison to many other products out there.

  •  The Good

 Like any protection software, there are pros and cons to choosing Bitdefender Sphere 2013. Some of the pros that customers will like with this product include:

 - It covers any machine (Mac, PC, Android, etc), and it covers all of your devices (it used to be limited to 3 PC, Mac, and Androids, now it is unlimited);
 - You receive full security suite for your PC;
 - Antivirus and anti theft are provided;
 - App audit is available for Android users;
 - At $99.95, it is lower in price than competitor products available for security.

  •  The Bad

 There are a few drawbacks customers should be aware of when choosing this security product; some of these are:

 - Mac users only get antivirus protection (not the full security suite the PC gets, but for Mac, this may be enough);
 - There is no full scale online management console;
 - There are competitors (Norton, McAffe, and others, but for the price, Bitdefender might be the best value);
 - You will need a fair amount of free space on your devices, to download and run the program and protection.

  •  Some features

 There are some great features that Bitdefender Sphere 2013 provides, allowing you to freely surf the web, download links, and use the programs you want, without having to worry. For starters, it filters out the bad, through a great firewall protection that is available upon downloading the program. It also accurately filters out the spam, so you only receive messages that are what you want to read in your inbox. For social media users, an available app allows you to identify dangerous links on the site, and you can notify friends if they have received the same link on their social media pages. Some additional features the program entails are: online backup, shredding and file encryption, and a full system tune up, are all features you get, with the latest version of the Bitdefender.

  •  Mac & Android

 For Mac users, the software will protect your device from viruses, find, scan, and eliminate them from your device. Although you don't get full protection suite like with a PC, with a Mac there are far fewer threats, and known issues, that you have to deal with. As far as Android devices are concerned, the program will scan new programs for malware, and scans the entire Android marketplace, to ensure your downloads, files, and apps, are all safe to use.

  •  Bottom line

 If you have several PC machines at home, and want full protection suite, this is a great product choice. With Mac devices, you only get antivirus, but for most Macs, this is enough, plus the fact that you can cover all the devices you own, makes Bitdefender Sphere 2013 a great choice for those who run several devices, and several programs at once.

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