Monday, March 25, 2013

Attack on South Korea were not committed from the Chinese IP address

IP-address registered in China, in fact belongs to the South Korean bank.

According to Reuters, cyber attacks committed on March 20 on the banks and telecommunications companies in South Korea, were not committed to the Chinese IP-address. Earlier in the investigation revealed that all the attacks occurred with a Chinese IP-address. However, Seoul accused of committing attacks North Korea.

Officials in South Korea reported that North Korean hackers in the past have used servers located in China. However, South Korean experts agency Korea Communications Commission said that the detected IP-address is a virtual IP-address for the internal bank NongHyup Bank, subjected to attack. Coincidentally, this IP-address matches the address registered in China.

According to experts, be that as it may, the source of the detected malicious code used in the implementation of the six attacks on organizations, is the only object that is outside of the country.

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