Thursday, February 14, 2013

Developers Adobe Reader released Instructions for fixing critical vulnerabilities

Windows users can protect themselves by opening suspicious PDF-files using the built-in sandbox.

In his progress notification developers Adobe warned users that a product such companies as Reader and Acrobat (designed to work with PDF-files) are two zero-day vulnerabilities. Experts stress that making users vulnerable version 11.x for Windows can protect themselves by turning on Protected View.

When it is activated opened PDF-files will run in a sandbox. In addition, users can set up an alternative program to work with these documents. To activate the feature, you need to go to File> Edit> Preferences> Security (Enhanced) and select Protected View.

Recall these breaches were discovered thanks to the efforts of researchers from FireEye, a malicious PDF-document that exploits a previously unknown vulnerability in the programs.

Specified file, later identified when trying to open it injects malicious code on the system with the two holes in the programs Adobe. According to experts of the company vulnerable are the latest version of Reader, and the latest version of Acrobat for Windows and Mac OS X. Appropriate security update is currently in progress.

For a detailed description of the vulnerability here:

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