Thursday, April 18, 2013

Microsoft calls not to neglect the antivirus

Microsoft has published a study according to which 25% of the computers in the world there is no anti-virus software that meets modern requirements.

According to figures released by Microsoft in Volume 14 Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, the main reasons for the lack of actual protection on the computers of Internet users has reached the end of the trial period the anti-virus software and malicious actions that disable anti-virus software. As well as elementary carelessness people who believe that their antivirus is simply not necessary.

According to experts, Internet users who ignore the basic means of protection against cyber threats, it is at risk, as the statistics of the risk of infection, even if the unprotected free Antivirus is increased 5.5 times.

Experts point out that to date, do not use antivirus is like not to lock the door.


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