Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fraudsters require from Facebook users to pay for membership in social networks

Fraudsters send users to Facebook threatening letters on behalf of the social network administration.

Users are asked to pay a membership fee to get the status of «gold member». Otherwise, attackers, on behalf of the administration of Facebook, threatening to publish confidential data refusing users stored in the social network.

Often in these messages contain text such as follows: "The official report. Communication media. FACEBOOK enters administration fee, a membership fee of $ 9.99. By making a set fee, users get the status of «gold member». This will allow them to maintain the existing level of confidentiality. With user who posted this message on their wall, the fee is not charged. Otherwise, from tomorrow all the information ever published in Facebook (even if it has been deleted), can get in the open access. "

"It's official. Communication media. FACEBOOK has just published its price. fee of $? ($ 9.99), to become a member of 'gold' and keep your privacy as it is. If you paste this on your wall will be completely free. Otherwise, tomorrow all your documents can become public. Even those messages that you have deleted or photos that you have not authorized ...... not cost you anything, copy and paste. "

 Of course, such threats are totally baseless and false. Needless to say, that the administration of Facebook has to do with them. And people who believe fraudsters become unwitting accomplices to the crime, criminals and increasing profits by helping them to deceive unsuspecting users.

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