Friday, February 22, 2013

DDoS-attacks are becoming more sophisticated

DDoS-attack on the applications will make 25% of all DDoS-attacks in 2013, predict analysts Gartner. The malware in such cases stops the CPU unit and blocks the application.

Experts Gartner notes the increasing level of complexity of hacker attacks, especially for financial institutions and companies involved in e-commerce.

The study also showed increased power DDoS-attacks. In the second half of 2012, DDoS-attacks on a number of U.S. banks have up to 70 GB per second, whereas before, did not exceed 5 GB per second, but even that was enough to paralyze banking site or a payment system. In the future, according to analysts Gartner, power DDoS-attacks will only grow.

The study revealed a tendency to use the hacker DDoS-attacks to distract security officers of the bank during the attack on the customer's bank account or steal confidential information.

In addition, says Gartner, the human factor remains the most vulnerable link in the information security when scammers have access to bank accounts, users, posing as bank employees or law enforcement.

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