Monday, February 4, 2013

Bug discovered in the latest version Mac OS X

The discovered features of the system function OS X Mountain Lion leads to spontaneous closure of almost any program, if it is to enter a sequence of characters.

This feature is only present in the latest version of the Mac OS X 10.8 - Mountain Lion, - reports The Next Web. "Bug" can stop the playback of programs such as Tweetbot, Safari, Chrome, TextEdit, but some applications are still able to resist the system error.

In order to crash, leading to spontaneous closure of the program, just type without quotes «File :/ / /» (with a capital letter, a small letter effect is achieved).

For example, to cause a crash in Safari, simply enter the specified sequence in the address bar - the program immediately exits with an error message. Program Pages (part of the office suite iWork), in LibreOffice and "Notes" in OS X Mountain Lion when entering these characters nothing happens. As a "bug" does not work if the sequence entered in Safari in the fields on the sites, not the browser.

According to The Next Web, the error associated with the function of the operating system called Data Detectors, which allows applications to detect dates, addresses and contact information so that they can be added to the calendar and address book.

When a user enters a «File :/ / /», the function automatically starts trying to access a file that does not exist. To prevent accidental closure of programs, you can turn off automatic spell checking and auto-substitution.

Description of the "bug" at the weekend managed to attract the attention of the press and tehnobloga that mark that is considered stable and reliable operating system OS X still not ideal.

"Bug" is present on all devices running on OS Mountain Lion, but has no effect on OS Lion or Snow Leopard.

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