Wednesday, February 20, 2013

As the cyber-weapon influences on the safety organizations

"Kaspersky Lab" brought together experts in the IT-industry international summit on cyber security in New York.

On "How to cyber weapons affects the security organizations," reasoned the recognized professionals in the field of information security. Their knowledge and practical cases were shared, in particular, the former head of the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama's cybersecurity Howard Schmidt, IDC senior analyst Lawrence Orans, RSA Security Manager Eddie Schwartz, representatives of the major international companies PayPal and BlackBerry.

Active participation in the discussion was the head of the Center for Global Studies and Threat Analysis "Kaspersky Lab" Costin Raiu, Director of Product Development and Services Peter Merkulov and CEO Evgeny Kaspersky.

IT-industry international summit on cyber security in New York

The experts unanimously agreed that cyber weapons has long ceased to be a fantasy of futurists and is commonly used by cyber criminals to break into corporate networks of organizations to commit espionage or negative effects on critical infrastructure. The consequences of this "invasion" may be different from leaks of confidential data to a complete stop of some industrial facilities. The participants of the summit stressed that to reach the network of criminals today, it is not necessary to think through complex patterns or invent sophisticated technology - they can use any device unprotected employee, with whom he is working his case.

Experts also spoke of his own experience in combating cyber threats. Admits, to achieve a positive effect in this fight only through integrated action: using specialized security technologies and training of employees to the safe operation of the data on the web.

"Targeted attacks on organizations, commercial and public, large and small, have become a ubiquitous phenomenon. Hundreds of companies have already been attacked, and thousands of others are beginning to think seriously about strengthening their cyber defense. Question IT-security has become critical to business success, and only integrated solutions can provide the necessary level of protection, "- said in a speech Evgeny Kaspersky, CEO of" Kaspersky Lab ".

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