Monday, February 11, 2013

Android-devices don't receive necessary updates

Service providers support only the new device model, operating on the basis of Android.

Researchers in the field of information security said that telecom operators can not adequately protect their customers, because they do not provide timely installation of updates for smartphones running on OS-based Android.

"They are subjected to the danger of users, although they can easily protect," - said the IT-specialist Chris Soghoyan.

The expert notes that Google quickly removes the vulnerability, but fixes do not reach the end user. Recent data of DuoSecurity indicate that half of Android-devices worldwide contain not eliminated the gap.

Soghoyan claims that mobile service provider properly prioritize, to place the profit, not safety devices of its customers. "Operators run the software on your phone and can turn off any function, respectively, they monitor and update," - said the expert.

In addition, manufacturers of devices based on Android focus all attention on the new gadgets that are only recently entered or are about to enter the market.

"Older devices are not a priority for manufacturers. If you have a two-year contract with the service provider, they will take care of you during these two years, "- said the technical director of IO Active Cesar Cerrudo.

As an example, researchers give smartphone Blackberry, which runs on Android, and which have not been updated 16 months.

The safest device, according to experts, is the Google Nexus, as the software it is updated regularly.

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