Thursday, February 14, 2013

Advertising TDoS-attack appeared on public forums

Attackers posted a net advertising and pricing of services

Until recently, an attacker wishing to embark on cybercrime, but does not have the necessary knowledge, looking for ways to get to the private specialized forums on topics of interest to him and watch "sit" in the chat rooms to gain the trust of potential "colleagues." However, according to expert Webroot Dancho Danchev, these times have sunk into oblivion.

According to him, now, in order to attract new customers malicious developer tools and services are beginning to offer their services in public forums. Among the proposals, bearing diverse, there are Denial-of-service telecommunication networks (Telecommunications Denial of Service, TDoS)

TDoS-attack used when criminals get their money from the bank accounts of victims, conducting fraudulent transactions. If the illegal operation is detected, the bank can block it before the scammer will try to get the stolen money, so in order to prevent communication between the client and the bank, either alone criminals carry TDoS-attack, or hire someone who at it specializes.

Danchev said that there are other buyers of such services - legal companies seeking to undermine the business of its competitors by blocking their fixed and mobile communications.

According to experts, the public forum published prices of such services. So realization TDoS-attack duration from 1 hour to 1 day cost the customer $ 3 per hour for one phone number, from 1 day to 1 week - $ 40 per night for 1 room, 1 to 2 weeks - $ 30 per night for one room from 2 weeks to 1 month - $ 25 per night for one room. If customers require a longer attack, the price will be stipulated individually.

In addition, customers can also take advantage of a free trial version of the attack, to ensure its effectiveness. Phone calls are made to different numbers, the first digit is not repeated, so when the victim makes an unwanted number to the "black list", immediately there is a new.


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