Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Number of XSS-attacks growing at an alarming rate

According to the hosting company Firehost, for the last three months, the number of such attacks has increased by 160%.

According to analysts hosting company Firehost, publishes a quarterly report on the number of different hacker attacks on the service organization resources, during the fourth quarter of 2012 the volume of XSS-attacks suddenly increased by about 160%.

"Throughout 2012 we were able to block more than 64 million of various types of attacks, including XSS-attacks were the most effective and widespread," - emphasizes the company's experts.

Analysts also noted that significant growth was recorded in respect of ongoing SQL-injection, XSS on a par with that belong to the group of cyber attacks «Superfecta», which are the most dangerous to the confidential information stored in databases. Total «Superfecta» includes four varieties of hacking - Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF attack), directory traversal (Directory Traversal), Cross-site Scripting (XSS-attack) and SQL-injection.

In this case, the last two types, shows the growing popularity among hackers since the middle of 2012. For example, in last year's third quarter, there were just over one million XSS-attacks, and in the fourth the rate exceeded 2.6 million.

Firehost report

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