Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Discovered fake Android-store applications

Symantec Corporation announces a new threat called Android.Exprespam.

Scammers create fake application store for the Android platform in order to obtain personal data.

Experts believe that with this scheme, criminals have managed to steal from 75 thousand to 450 thousand records of personal data, and it is far from the final data.

Corporation reported that malware Android.Exprespam was discovered at the beginning of January, but only a few weeks of activation, it has already caused damage to many users. According to the experts, which are only partly reflect the overall picture, the malicious Android Express's Play week was attended by over three thousand times.

Since the scheme of fraud is new, experts have no doubt that the number of malicious information collected will only grow. In particular, it found another domain registered creators Exprespam, is hosting another version of fake online store without a name. Currently store is not active, and experts believe that it is in progress or is used as a backup, but the site already contains the latest version of the malware.

To improve the profitability of their fraud tactics cybercriminals are constantly improving, and it will stop only when they arrest or voluntary surrender of crime.

Users of Android devices can be safe, just don't by following links in emails from unknown senders, using as a rule download applications only from known and trusted resources, and installing the mobile antivirus program on your device to ensure security.

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