Friday, December 21, 2012

IBM Security Access Manager 7.0 - Protection of cloud, mobile and web applications

IBM has announced the upcoming release of a new version of its package of IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM) 7.0 to provide enhanced security access to mobile, cloud and Web applications of the customer.

Available as a virtual single server, the package ISAM 7.0 is a scalable (up to tens of millions of users) and flexible control of access rights and user activity. Access control encompasses a variety of existing Web applications and services.

Besides controlling the access rights, the package ISAM 7.0 facilitates complex task of centralizing user authentication systems, and provides a single authorization management to online portals. ISAM package integrated with the services of collecting information on threats in real time, helping to protect web applications from newly discovered vulnerabilities.

Technology IBM Security Access Manager for Cloud and Mobile for cloud and mobile applications expands protection of users on mobile and cloud environments through the mechanism of single sign-on system, a unified user authentication and risk assessment. Package ISAM for Cloud and Mobile supports context-sensitive access control for mobile terminals, including smartphones and tablets. Thus, users can not accidentally put in the shared secrecy IT-resources of the organization in an unprotected environment. It also supports authentication and authorization of users and their mobile devices with advanced control sessions and integration with IBM WorkLight.

Learn more about features and options package ISAM 7.0 (the name matches the name of technology Indexed Sequential Access Method for an indexed sequential access storage devices) can be found on its official website at / access-mgr-esso .

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