Saturday, December 22, 2012

Comodo Endpoint Security Manager - solution for administrators of corporate networks

Comodo Endpoint Security Manager is a solution for administrators of corporate networks, deploy, control and monitoring software for managed network computers.

Comodo Endpoint Security Manager (CESM) enables administrators to enhance and deploy complete protection for network computers. Product can centrally manage, carrying protection with solutions such as: Comodo Internet Security (Firewall + Anti-virus), Comodo Disk Encryption, Comodo DiskShield, Comodo Secure Email, Comodo AntiSpam etc. Etc.

CESM is an integrated application that consists of interconnected modules:

- Administrative Console;
- Central Service;
- Remote Agent;

Administrative Console: Provides easy access to all business objects and system tools, managing CESM solution through friendly interface.

Central Service: The main functional unit responsible for the performance of all system tasks. Central Service maintains and updates information on current and historical system activity. Central Service for the work required local installation of Microsoft SQL Express in order to build the database.

Remote Agents: Special modules located between the remotely-controlled computers and CESM Central Service, you installed on each managed PC. CESM Remote Agents receive tasks and requests from Central Service and perform these tasks on managed computers.

Comodo security solution for Home:

Protection against malicious software - Comodo Internet Security Plus

Professional protection against viruses and malware - Comodo Internet Security Pro

Offers highly effective protection against online threats - Comodo Antivirus Advanced

Protection against viruses and malware - Comodo Internet Security Complete

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