Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cloud-based Antivirus BitDefender 60-Second Virus Scanner

Bitdefender has released a rather unusual antivirus program called 60-Second Virus Scanner. This free utility scans the files on the PC, but analyzes them on a remote server that is in the cloud.

From the name of the program it is clear that it must be very fast: the full scan takes 60 seconds alleged. In practice, all is not so fast. As reported by users after the scanning software sends the data and displays the message "Waiting for server" (wait for data from the server). During the test had to wait 281 seconds before the server received a message "The virus has been found."

Of course, you need to make allowances for the newness of the program and neobkatannost technologies. Perhaps in the future Bitdefender allocate for this program more processing power, so that the analysis will be faster.

A simple utility scans your PC is really about a minute, but it provides only the most cursory scan. The test was tested only 32 processes and 1415 files: this is very small, even for a quick scan.

However, the transition to cloud computing may become a trend, because this approach offers several advantages both for developers and for users. Developers get full statistics of user actions, verification of licensed software, instant access to samples of new viruses. Users get easy-to-use and simple program that takes almost no resources of a PC and no brakes. The same utility 60-Second Virus Scanner eat off of only 30 MB of memory: it is almost invisible at all, even if it is run continuously in the background.


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