Monday, November 12, 2012

Users' personal data of Amazon's systems have been published in Open access

Hacker Darwinaire has posted purported data on more than 600 Amazon UK customers online, to prove the hacker attack.

According to ZDNet, the hacker under the alias Darwinaire stole confidential information to more than 600 customers from Amazon UK. Representative of the British Internet company stated that the information could be stolen from its servers.

Recorded in Pastbin, which at the time of publication of news has been removed, Darwinaire claims that it published personal data in order to prove that breaking the regional department Amazon. Were freely available user names, registration dates, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, as well as some of the passwords in the clear.

"There has been no compromise of security Amazon and this information does not come from our database," - said the representative of the company in a statement edition ZDNet.

Part Darwinaire published information was verified and confirmed its authenticity. If we consider the application of staff Amazon true, it means that either a security incident was not recorded by the security company, or Darwinaire stole data from other sources. Such data could theoretically collect through phishing attacks, or steal them from an outside company that has access to a user database Amazon.


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