Friday, November 9, 2012

Hackers compromised a large number of Twitter users passwords

The Social Network did not provide details on the causes of cracking and its initiators.

The administration of the social network Twitter has sent letters to thousands of users with e-mail notification about breaking their account by third parties. Some accounts were actually compromised, but the others were notified after Twitter inadvertently reset.

It should be noted that at the present time, representatives of the social network refused to provide any data on the causes of break-ins, as well as those responsible for it.

In a statement Twitter states: "If we believe that your account has been compromised, we reset the password and send a notice to the owner account ... This is our normal job, which is to provide reliable protection to users."

The administration of the social network said that the current security incident forced them to lose a large number of passwords, in addition to those that, in their view, had been compromised.

It is worth noting that some people thought news from Twitter attempts to implement "phishing scams", whose goal was to fraudulently acquire their personal information.


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