Friday, November 16, 2012

Managers of businesses overestimate their level of information security

eScan: Managers of small businesses overestimate their level of information security

According to the study of anti-virus companies, 86% of respondents are confident in their defense, but have no written policy on security.

According to a study conducted by Virus eScan, most small business managers mistakenly believe the level of security in their organizations satisfactory.

Thus, about 86% of executives said they considered their current protection sufficient (another 52% said they were full, and 34% - only to some extent). 87% of respondents do not have a written policy on security, and in 83% - not to protect themselves from cyber attacks.

Moreover, 72% of respondents have no policies to the safe use of mobile and remote devices, and 59% - there is no plan to respond to data leakage. Such protections as multifactor authentication and data encryption using only 14% and 23% of companies, respectively.

"Indeed, the small and medium business is lagging behind in terms of implementing even basic policies and procedures for information security," - experts stress eScan.

According to them, this is due to lack of awareness about the threats the organization's leadership and the available means of protection, as well as due to the limited resources allocated to establish and maintain their information security systems.

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