Tuesday, September 17, 2013

ESET Social Media Scanner

ESET Social Media Scanner - beta version of the free application to protect your profiles on Twitter and Facebook

International antivirus company ESET announces the release of the beta version of ESET Social Media Scanner - a free app for the protection of users of social networks Twitter and Facebook.

The number of incidents involving the theft of accounts and the spread of malicious links in social networks is increasing rapidly.

In this regard, the company has developed anti-virus software ESET Social Media Scanner to protect the accounts of Twitter and Facebook. The solution scans the user profile for malicious links in private messages or comments, thus providing protection against infection.

Setting a Social Media Scanner in the social network Facebook, the user can manually or automatically scan your posts, and chronicling the news feed for malicious links. The solution also ensures the safety profile of Twitter using advanced scanning mechanisms of shortened links and detecting threats.

In addition, ESET Social Media Scanner demonstrates the current level of account security Facebook and Twitter, as well as reports, if any confidential information the user is in the public domain.

By creating an account at my.eset.com, the user can manage the protection of their social media profiles and protect an unlimited number of accounts, including those of friends and family.

The application is available for users to test Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, its current version is not final and is recommended only for testing.

To learn more visit http://www.eset.com/int/social-media-scanner/beta/

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