Wednesday, November 21, 2012

AVG releases a new version of the browser Family Safety for iOS

Antivirus company AVG Technologies today announced the release of an updated version of the mobile solutions AVG Family Safety for iOS. The third version of the product has acquired technology to support AVG Do Not Track, informing users about tracking their activities on the network and allows users to block such attempts. In the new version of Do Not Track is enabled by default after installation.

Family Safety for iOS is a specialized browser for iOS environment with a high level of protection. The company recommends installing this free product for iPhone / iPad, with which work is underage. “Ten years ago parents would protect their children from online threats by putting the family PC in the living room,” said JR Smith, CEO of AVG Technologies.

Also in the new version of the updated version of the manufacturer has built solutions LinkScanner, checking for malicious links, and for fraud, according to which the user should be on the Internet. When a suspicious or fraudulent product links will give the user a warning. Users can also block content to label the system as adult content. “In today’s mobile world that is obviously not enough and parents are looking for a simple and modern solution. AVG Family Safety for iOS not only helps keeping the whole family safe from online threats, by adding Do Not Track it now also provides users control over their online privacy.”

The product is already available in the Apple App Store.


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